Originally a golf club, the Japanese Society of Canterbury was established on 26 January 1992, and is a community which serves to make Japanese people feel they can greet each other when they pass by in a foreign country, and be a place where a representative of Japan’s opinion can be expressed. Families of current group members, friends and corporate members participate in activities together.

What we do?



Doing various activities such as Public Relation Activities, First Aide,  Events etc



Watering and maintenance of the Cherry trees in the Japanese garden etc



Providing information to people from Japan living in NZ etc



There are Golf, Choir, Japanese drums, and Light music clubs.
You're most welcome to join!

Planned Activities for 2022

First of all, we, the Committee of Japanese Society of Canterbury, would like to thank you very much for your continued support.


As it stands, we are expecting a significant reduction in number of the committee members for 2022. Although our activities for 2022 will therefore be reduced, we are determined to help build a safe Japanese community and will focus on the following:


① To be the community liaison between: Japanese organisations and clubs; NZ communities; and immigration related organisations.


② Aggregating and sharing information within the Japanese community:

  • Distribution of a bi-weekly email newsletter;

  • Publication of our official magazine “Hirogari(ひろがり)” (currently planned twice a year); and

  • Utilising our homepage and SNS accounts (Facebook and Instagram).


③ Maintenance of Kurashiki Garden and interaction between members (at Halswell Quarry Park).


We will not be able to plan and implement any events such as Japan Day under the current circumstances. If and when there is a request for an event, we will notify all the members to seek whether there is a possibility of forming a management team/committee for such an event. We will merely work as a mediator.


For any comment, question or suggestion, please get in touch with us by email to


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Kazumi Campbell

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name Kazumi Campbell and I will take over as chairperson from Emiko Kuroda in October 2020. When I joined the Committee in 2013, my roles were liaison and vice chairperson. I left the committee halfway through 2017 and was warmly welcomed back by the current committee where I am now chairperson.  

We are currently limited to doing very few things due to the unexpected global coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Especially for us Japanese people who are living separate from Japan. Until the beginning of this year, we could easily fly back and forth between New Zealand and Japan. Not being able to do some previously simple tasks has become a painfully large problem for many people. Also, it seems like some of the businesses that we took care of cannot be maintained because of global lockdowns and infection protection. These ever changing circumstances in our lives can make every day stressful for anyone.   

  As I was contemplating what I could do during these times I saw a notice saying, “committee member wanted”. a friend asked “aren’t you still doing Japanese Society stuff?” and there wasn’t anybody willing to do it. So, I thought if I got myself involved in the committee again then we could carry out the activities that we can do together. 

2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Japanese society of Canterbury since its establishment in 1992. As the age range of the local Japanese people broadens, so does what is required of the Japanese Society. The wider use of the internet since 2000 has led to changes in communication tools and we wish to use a wide range of communication to be close with all generations of society members.   

​The internet has been a very useful tool during the pandemic. On the other hand, I believe face to face communication is a very important part of engaging with people in our lives. The Japanese Society takes it upon itself to help bring the people of Canterbury together.


At the recent general meeting, it was announced that Kazumi Campbell, Mikako Hurring, Yurie Tiltman, Asako Suzuki, Naoko Jackson and Megumi Wilson will continue to serve on the Japanese Society Board of Directors, with Michiko Ward and Naomi Peters serving as new board members for 2021.

For the next year, The 8 of us will be working together with all of you to boost the success of the Japanese Society! We would highly appreciate the continuation of your kind support and cooperation <(_ _)>.

Additionally, Emiko Kuroda, who served for three years including as president, and Misako Fujiyoshi, who served as secretariat for four years have sadly resigned. We thank you very much for your long-term support of the Japanese Society.

20th July 2021

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for people who are willing to work for the Japanese Society as volunteers.

We believe that together we could brainstorm lots of ideas that we can then develop and then shape them into reality.

Our group is full of fun and there is always a friendly atmosphere.

No qualifications or special skills are required to volunteer.

Not only is this opportunity great for individuals who want to expand their friendships and network, you are able to add on your resume that you have volunteering experience in a community organisation. 

We are looking forward to working and cooperating with you!

We are also looking for helpers at various events.

Please contact us at if you are willing to provide your support.

Membership Info

【Renewing Your Membership for 2022】

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, our activities are still significantly restricted. In addition, it is expected that more than half of our committee members will resign at the end of this term.


Having considered the above, we have decided to waive the membership fee for all members for 2022.

Membership requirements: understanding and agreement to the constitution  

(please review the constitution)


Admission Fee: $20 (new and re-joining members only, not required for renewal)


Annual membership Fee:

Regular membership (single/family) free for 2022 (usually $30)

Friends of Society membership (single/family)  free for 2022(usually $30)

Corporate membership (corporation/individual) free for 2022 (usually $100)


※annual membership fee runs from July of every year until June of the following year.

(Full price also applies to mid-year signups) 


Admission Fee: $20 (new and re-joining members only, not required for renewal)